May, 2009

This Week in Pictures (and a few words)

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Delicious cheese from Dancing Ewe Farm

Greenpoint flowers…

Lunch made from a farmer’s market bounty…

A dress I made (with my mom’s help) for my friend’s daughter…

Handrolled paper beads…

Me and the lovely ladies of Spacecraft

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Craftacular Glitterlimes

Monday, May 18th, 2009

Sunday I trotted on over to the Bust Craftacular at the Warsaw in Williamsburg.

I hopped the bus from Greenpoint and got there in ten minutes flat. Yet another reason why I love Greenpoint is its proximity to Williamsburg, the haven of hip. And nothing is hipper than a craft fair hosted by Bust magazine, featuring beer, DJs, and loads of tattoo-clad craft consumers.

It was a packed house. The $2 entry fee included a free copy of Bust magazine. That’s a pretty great deal, if you ask me, and apparently tons of other people agreed. The fair was chock full of all sorts of cute merchants and their cute merch, but I had to make a beeline straight to my supercute friend Debbie and her amazing Glitterlimes.

I have been a mega-fan of Glitterlimes since sometime around 2001, when I first laid eyes upon them. Take a look for yourself. How can you not fall in love with these sparkly sweeties?

They are all made with real fruit, and then glitter-fied and coated in resin using a top secret process invented by Debbie. And they are magical.

Those signature slices above are just some of the sophisticated citruses she had on display. She also had these nutmeg lovelies, which are relatively new to the line, and the cuteness like the bazooka ring in the center.

She makes pins, earrings, hair clips, belt buckles, you name it. And when you wear a glitterlime, you are guaranteed compliments and smiles.

I hung out with Debbie behind her table, chatting with her and her other friends that stopped by. My friend Cat and I even manned the table for a little bit while Debbie ran an errand. And the whole time I was there, the DJs were spinning some sweet soul grooves. I was quite the happy camper.

And if you had passed by the booth, you may have seen me shaking my tail feathers. I’m not sure what came over me. Maybe it was the glitterlimes, maybe it was the friends, but whatever it was, I was feeling the crafty groove. And being at the Bust Craftacular, I felt I had to bust a move.

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Oh, Peonies!

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

A peony is worth a thousand words.

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Ramp it Up!

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Oh, Springtime! You’re all about wowing us with flowers, showing us those bursts of color we’ve been craving since Fall. And I love every little crocus and pansy and dogwood blossom that I see. But I really get stoked when I finally get my hands on something fresh and local that I can eat.

That’s where ramps come in.

Ramps live somewhere between a leek, garlic, and heaven. Unlike the other pungent bulbs, the greens of the ramps are soft and demand to be cooked up and gobbled down. So when I arrived at the Union Square Farmer\’s Market at 6:15 on Wednesday, I was offering up a silent, seemingly useless, prayer that there might be ramps in my future. And though half of the booths had shut down and the other half were in the process of folding up tables and shoving them into the back on big trucks, I came upon a man who had a few bunches of ramps left to sell me. I almost hugged him.

There seems to be a fancy fan club for ramps. Yoshi Yamada’s article, Ravenous for Ramps from last April’s Gourmet Magazine is one indicator. The incredible linguine with ramps that I had at Marlow and Sons, the lauded Williamsburg restaurant, is another.

I spirited them home, and following the basic recipe from Mr. Yamada’s recipe, I separated the greens from the bulbs and treated them to my lazy style of “julienning”…

Then tossed the whites in the pan with hot hot hot oil…

Cooked them until they were sweet and tender, and then added some cooked pasta and breadcrumbs…

Then added the greens, tossing them around until they wilted right proper…

And served them up with some freshly grated pecorino romano cheese…

My husband and I both agreed that they were something really special. Nutty and garlicky, but fresh and clean.

So though I may not see them again until next year, I’d like to say Thanks, Ramps. You’re the perfect spring fling.

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Oh, I’m a Travelin’ Crafter

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

I love a craft-filled week! From the Crafternoon in Providence to the Mother’s Day Crafterhours in Brooklyn, last week was stuffed with crafting. And I must say, craft is my favorite sort of stuffing.

I arrived in Providence in the afternoon of the 25th and my friend picked me up and took me out for a tasty iced cappucino at The Coffee Exchange, which was just what I needed after napping off and on during the three and a half hour bus ride north. After the caffeine fuel-up, I met up with some other friends at La Laiterie for a delight-filled dinner. From the cheese plate to the sustainable catch-of-the-day, all of the dishes were fresh and flavorful. (I love a nice piece of fish, especially if it can sustain itself). And it was great to catch up with far-away friendlies.

Sunday we got to Kreatelier with plenty of time to set up all the supplies for our recyclobots. The store is so bright and cheery – it’s the perfect place for a Crafternoon.

The owners, Line and Pernilla, were gracious hosts. And my friend Greer, who suggested I do the event in the first place and gave me a place to sleep, was an amazing co-pilot for the event. They had all been collecting tons of amazing recycling bin supplies for the day. We had a fantastic turnout, and the kids made such creative robots out of all of the recyclables. Here are just two of them:

Then on Thursday, I was back at Spacecraft, my favorite craft store in Brooklyn, for another fun Crafterhours. I’m hoping that’s going to turn into a regular event – the first two have been a blast. I was a bad photog there, but I did manage to get a nice shot of me and my mom, who journeyed out to Williamsburg to join the good times:

And it turns out that my mom and I are lucky enough to be featured in a sweet article on Craftzine by Rachel Hobson, so click on that link to read some more of our mother-daughter crafting history!

And if you haven’t done it already, craft something nice for your momma for Mother’s Day. You know she’ll treasure it if you made it with your very own hands!

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