July, 2010

Catching Up

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

I started a new job, old computer died, summer came around, and suddenly I found myself not posting. Now I’ve got a new computer and the new job’s under my belt a few months, and the summer is hotter than I could have imagined, and I’m ready to return. But I’ve got some catching up to do.

Easter bunnies

Yep, if I’m finally getting around to Easter bunnies in in July, I’d say I’ve got some catching up to do. But those lovely rabbits are handmade by me based on a project from the wonderful Kata Golda book, Hand-Stitched Felt.


This baby blanket looks way hot to me right now, but it was the perfect gift for a new babe getting introduced to the cold San Francisco nights. You need a warm blanket in that chilly, hilly town. And I whipped up the card in front by cutting up an old baby magazine from the early 1900s. It’s hard to see, but they had some good baby graphics back then – lots of baby collages, this one featuring babies and pinecones.


I cut a felt version of the famous Carrie Bradshaw necklace, but this one says Crafternoon. Too bad it’s too hot to wear until fall.


We traveled to our favorite spot in Upstate New York, The Mountain Brook Inn. I love this remote little inn, nestled in the hills of the Catskills. It’s quite a drive from New York City, but how can you resist when that up there is the view, and this is the breakfast left at your doorstep:


We wrapped up the spring session of Handmade Crafternoon at theĀ New York Public Library with the tremendously inspiring Natalie Chanin.


(My kingdom for a good picture from this event! Every shot I took was blurry or dark or both.) But Natalie was an absolute delight, donating tons of supplies and leading our group with a storytelling style of instruction that was a true pleasure to experience. My wonderful co-host Jessica Pigza has the great list of books pulled for that event on her blog.


Skip ahead to June and my wonderful neighborhood of Greenpoint got a great dose of public art by Amanda Browder. So many more things have happened along the way, but it’s time for me to walk my dog before it’s 95 degrees outside. And besides, I think we’re just about up-to-speed.

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