Looms Are the Jam

I had the best time last Saturday at our Handmade Crafternoon at the New York Public Library. My wonderful co-host Jessica Pigza approached the New York Guild of Handweavers last year to see if they would be interested in hosting an event for us, and they enthusiastically agreed.

They brought an army of amazing volunteers to teach our very lucky attendees all about the basic techniques of handweaving.

They set everyone up with amazing tiny handlooms they made for us out of popsicle sticks! Each attendee got to take home their own little loom, which just might be our coolest take home yet. (There is a wonderful write up about the event that really explains the looms over at

We immediately had a lot of happy ladies weaving away.

There were even a few brave gentlemen amongst us, including my super crafty best man, Dave, pictured above. He is very talented self-taught knitter, and he picked up the weaving technique almost instantaneously. He had his own fan club by the time we all packed our looms away. :)

Even with the same technique learned and the same looms used, the result was different for every weaver. Above is an open style weaving and right below is a much tighter weave.

But here is the tightest weave of all! So tiny. It would make a stunning belt.

Jessica also took some great pictures of the weaving up close, which can be seen here. I didn’t take a lot of shots because I was weaving up a storm!

We got to see lots of fancier looms at work. Jessica even showed us how to use the loom that she has at home, which was really fun to use. She also brought a great collection of books, as always, with a special focus on weaving.

The lovely illustrations above are from a comprehensive book called “The Weavers” by Leonard Everett Fisher.

I’d like to give a huge thanks to the wonderful people from the New York Guild of Handweavers. They did so much work to prepare for our event, and they mobilized a great gang of people to get our crafters excited about weaving. They offer lectures and events throughout the year, and membership is only $40.

And as always, a major thank you to Jessica and the wonderful New York Public Library for use of their space. Hope to see you at our next event on April 14th with Noah Scalin!

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