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Halloween Crafternoon: The Recap

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Hi Crafternooners!

This Saturday’s Crafternoon was a smashing success. It was a rainy day in New York City, and there was a bit of a chill in the air — in other words, the perfect condition for a Crafternoon. There is something so cozy about being indoors, crafting up a storm, while the rain pitter patters outside your window.

The good people at Three of Cups in the East Village let us take over their space for a few hours of serious crafting. The turnout was lovely, as always, with a good mix of old friends, newer friends, and future friends.

Many Day of the Dead skulls were decorated, like these bad boys:

When was the last time you saw a harlequin skull? But skulls weren’t the only thing being worked on. Check out this awesome autumnal birthday card!

And true to the Halloween theme, there was some work done on a handmade Wonder Woman costume…

And though I didn’t get a lick of crafting done myself (I was nursing a bad arm and making good use of my big mouth), I felt like a million bucks when I was done. ‘Cause there is nothing in the world that is more satisfying then hanging out while folks chat and craft and eat. It just gives you a glow. Not a spooky, jack-o-lantern glow, but a sexy, I-just-got-fueled-by-creativity glow. And I intend to wear the heck out of that on Halloween.

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